Establishing Venue Facility Briefs


The development of a facility brief is essential to establishing a quality set of criteria for the design of the venue. Proper groundwork will ensure viability of the facilities for decades to come.


The purpose of the Facility Brief is to address architectural, operational, and management elements that affect success for Olympics and post-Olympic use. The facility brief should include the following:


 Event Parameters describe the intended events to take place in the venue.


 Competition Parameters are designed in conjunction with the International Sports Federations. This information is supplemental that provided by the National Governing Bodies.


 Media Parameters describe the quantity and support requirements for television, radio and written press. This is one of the major issues faced by the Organizing Committee.


 Concepts address many issues such as: accessibility, activity grouping, flexibility, orientation, relationships, security controls, separation flows, service grouping and sequential flows.


 Post-Olympic Uses describes post-Olympic alternate uses of Olympic facilities for event, community and training activities.


 Temporary Facilities discuss approaches to using temporary facilities such as seating, offices, and support facilities.


 Accommodation for the Disabled discusses the locations, access, and amenities for people with disabilities.


 A Detailed Schedule of Accommodation provides an itemized listing of Olympic and post-Olympic required areas for inclusion in the specific venue.


The facility brief provides the Organizing Committee guidelines and checklists by which they can maintain focus on the development of each venue. Budget compliance and programming issues can be tested continually against this data.