The media sees each venue from three different perspectives, the television media, radio media and print media. The media groups have several common requirements. Journalists need easily secured, separate access from other users. They also require a circulation system with direct access between related areas, such as commentary boxes to outside broadcast vans, press box to media workroom, and press box to change rooms. Areas where media and competitors or officials mix, such as interview or conference rooms, should allow access by separate routes. A clear view to the arena area is critical for all since the difference between gold and silver may be a hundredth of a second.









Spectators come to the Olympics for the atmosphere, the excitement, and the chance to be a part of history. They will accept some discomfort attending the event. Delays in transportation, queues through security, and large crowds are some of the elements that are a part of the trials and tribulations that spectators can expect, but should always be minimized. Providing venues that are spectator friendly can reduce the discomfort.


The premium price of tickets should provide high-quality amenities. Sightlines, food and beverage outlets, toilets, merchandising, and circulation are key areas that should be addressed. Sightlines are perhaps the most critical element. While temporary stands may be functionally adequate to reach necessary capacity numbers, great care should be taken to not compromise the spectators’ view. Consider the media fiasco if spectators sitting in the Olympic stadium have the competitors on the track “disappear” behind the spectators sitting in front. The provision of large video screens would hardly replace viewing it directly.


Adequate amenities are necessary to allow spectators to leave their seats during the event to purchase food, beverage or merchandise, or to use the toilet facilities and return in a reasonable amount of time. Similar to sightlines, long queues may result in missing an event, a new record or a gold medal.










It is impossible to address all of the issues that will be faced in the context of an article. Each venue will have special requirements and distinct challenges. The Organizing Committees must grasp understanding the complexity of the event to reduce the inefficiencies and waste. Organization and commissioning the right consultants can reduce the learning curve and ensure a successful Olympics.

Media positions at the Volleyball venue. Olympic family located in front.

Security check queue at Atlanta Olympic Stadium

Quality sightlines are a critical part of the spectator’s experience.